"Better Quality through Quality Testing"

Sutton_R_029_4x_lab.jpgRONALD SUTTON’S
experience spans a diversity of organizations from biomedical research, energy, pharmaceutical and chemical, to food processing, environmental, and forensics. He has personally trained thousands of laboratory personnel in chemical/ formulation analytical procedures, and has worked with their management to assist in improving product quality. Prior to that, he had been involved in collaborative research activities at Harvard, UConn, Dartmouth Medical School and MIT medical research facilities. He brings to CIAL clients a wealth of knowledge and experience in laboratory analytical methods, pharmacy formulation testing, production quality control, and FDA accepted procedures.
He also did some work for NASA, but that’s a subject for another day!

Sutton_R_033_4x_lab.jpgNANCY SUTTON’S
background as a registered nurse, and in particular her work as charge nurse in Intensive Care, Cardiac Intensive Care and Cardiac Cath. labs has fully equipped her for her work with the CIAL. She is proficient in sterile procedures, has a firm understanding of microbiology, and an understanding of medications as a tool in restoring and promoting health. Nancy is exacting in her work and expects the same from others. She is highly organized with a strong ability to manage laboratory work-flow and personnel. 
But she considers her greatest accomplishment being the grandmother of four precious grandchildren!