"Better Quality through Quality Testing"

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We offer high quality, accurate testing at prices which are less than those charged by most other labs.  With increasing scrutiny by local and federal regulatory agencies, testing may no longer be a luxury but a necessity and we have structured our affordable and fair pricing accordingly.  We offer volume discounts and package pricing combinations.  How we do this can be summarized in 3 words: experience, technology, and cost-control.  We could say a lot more, but we’re trying to be brief!

Experience: We have been engaged in analytical laboratory services and sterility testing techniques for many years, and analytical techniques for over 30 years.  This experience has taught us the most effective and efficient testing techniques to use to test your preparations quickly and accurately.

Technology: We utilize the most recent cutting-edge technologies which, though expensive, are the best, and in the long run provide a cost and time savings for you.

Cost-control:  We manage budgets and costs effectively; pay our people well, so we have low turn-over and associated costs; we also have controlled our overhead to manageable levels.