"Better Quality through Quality Testing"


CIAL specializes in providing highly affordable personalized, accurate, and rapid testing. We understand your need for crucial information to be assured your patients/clients are receiving the quality medications you and the physician intend. At times – and despite your best efforts – a medication may not meet treatment expectations.  Testing is the only way to insure the on-going quality of medications you compound to avoid any of the common causes of problems such as incomplete blending/trituration, microbial contamination, breakdown of the active, impurities, formulation and process errors.  Ideally, every batch should be examined but this is hardly practical.  However frequent random “grab sample” testing is just plain prudent.   Because we appreciate your trust and envision our service as an extension of your pharmacy staff, we are personalized and confidential.  Your success is our primary goal.  We are always willing to discuss problems privately and to assist you in discovering solutions.  If we do spot a problem we won’t merely send a report, but contact you directly to discuss the matter, offer suggestions, and work with you to achieve resolution.

We’re really good at keeping secrets!